Women's Health Program - Testimonials

Postpartum Pain
"I was devastated by the amount of pain I was experiencing 12 weeks after the birth of my son. My doctor stated that I had the worst post-birth trauma he had seen in 30 years. I was also recovering from surgery where a cyst from my perineal area was removed 10 weeks following the birth of my baby. Between the internal trauma and the incision from the surgery, I was unable to walk or sit without significant pain. Finding Providence Physical Therapy was a fluke; my trauma was extreme so no one I talked to knew how to help me and none of my medical professionals recommended physical therapy as an option. I learned of Laura from a friend of a friend of a friend who suggested that such physical therapists existed and might be able to help me. Once I began treatment, my life and pain changed for the better almost instantly. She diagnosed that the incision from my surgery was significantly inflamed and I was experiencing muscle spasms internally from the trauma of the birth. She went to work on both areas using a variety of techniques. I am writing this 9 weeks later and am almost fully recovered. I am certain I would not be as healthy or free of pain had I not received the treatment I received."

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