Patient Testimonials

  • This fall I was really struggling with significant low back, buttock and leg pain down one side. I stopped doing things that I loved, like picking up my kids, dancing and yoga. I got to a PT right away but it didn’t seem to be helping that much, nor did massage therapy. The constant pain was draining my energy and I was feeling nearly hopeless. I just knew in my gut that something else was wrong and we had not gotten to the bottom of things, so I reached out to Providence PT (even though I live far from the clinic), because I knew I would be in excellent hands there.

    My PT figured out that I might have a lumbar disc bulge compressing my nerve, and she knew it at that first visit. Because of her guidance I immediately saw my doctor and got on the right treatment path. Shortly after, an MRI confirmed that it was in fact a disk compressing the nerve. Although it’s never easy to hear a diagnosis like that, I already knew in my heart that something was wrong and it was such a relief to finally figure out what it was so that we could treat it properly.  

    It was her expertise that identified the source of my symptoms and directed me to the appropriate additional care that was needed. She restored my hope. I feel like she is giving me my life back. I have already shown significant improvement with the right treatment plan, and with her continued expert physical therapy as part of that plan I’m looking forward to a full and strong recovery! Thank you so much Providence Physical Therapy!!

    Dancer with Sciatica Symptoms

  • When I came to Providence, I had severe pain in my back, pelvis, sit bones, and tailbone from a fall I took skiing. The pain made difficult to sit and work, and I had stopped doing all workouts. It was scary! Regular PT failed to help and I was worried I may never feel better. But that all changed. When I finally got to the experts at Providence PT who really understand the spine and pelvis and how to treat the whole area, I got better. They have excellent hands-on skills, but your PT also gives you the time and attention – one on one for the whole session – to treat you. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

    Chronic Back, Pelvic and Tailbone Pain

  • Professional and friendly staff. Addressed issues with expert care and instruction that was extremely helpful. Highly recommend.

    Tracey R.

  • How do I properly praise someone who has literally changed my life? I knew the location of every bathroom in the city. My physical therapist educated me about how my body should function and treated every issue I had. Guess what? It worked! I can now drive by a gas station without stopping unless I actually need gas.

    Urinary Incontinence

  • Once I began treatment, my life and pain changed for the better almost instantly.

    Postpartum Pain

  • Even though physical therapy for bowel incontinence is not necessarily fun, working with the staff was wonderful. My physical therapist was an amazing combination of professional, knowledgeable and personable.

    Bowel Incontinence

  • My PT is very dedicated to her skill of physical therapy, I thank her so much for all the incredible help. She is a great practitioner and a true healer.

    Chronic Pelvic Pain

  • I would strongly recommend Providence Physical Therapy to anyone needing help with bladder control.

    Post Prostatectomy

  • I am certain I would not be as healthy or free of pain had I not received the treatment I received.

    Postpartum Pain

  • My PT is knowledgeable, patient, and respectful. She spent time to figure out my needs to obtain a perfect outcome.

    Urinary Incontinence