Cesarean Section Englewood and Littleton, CO

Cesarean Section

One in four women who give birth in the United States will have a Cesarean Section (c-section), however, of these surgeries; at least 50 percent will develop adhesions related to the scar. When a laboring mom has a c-section, there is already a flood of hormones. Heightened emotions, possible adrenal, cortisol, and other biochemical factors contribute to post-surgery scar formation. Physical therapy should be an important part of recovery for your c-section recovery. If you are feeling pulling from your scar 6 weeks or more after your c-section or if you are taking a long time to get to the point where you can move without pain, you need to request an appointment with Providence Physical Therapy

Why do you need physical therapy?

Our highly skilled Littleton and Englewood, CO physical therapists can treat adhesions and scars and help you move as you used to through scar mobilization therapy. Manual therapy and gentle stretching will start to untangle the mechanical stress, relieve the systems most burdened, and feed the tissues to allow cellular repair. Connective tissues will reorganize with the right technique. Gently releasing the tension allows the body to self-correct. These adhesions impact multiple systems and create symptoms that may be very far from the original trauma, but the damage can be corrected with consistent physical therapy treatments over time.

Receiving physical therapy for a cesarean section has many benefits. Here are a few:

  • Restores joint and back function
  • Relieves pain
  • Improves posture and balance
  • Restores normal motion and movement
  • Conservative, non-invasive
  • No “side effects”
  • Most cost-effective form of complete musculoskeletal treatment

The professionals at Providence Physical Therapy are manual physical therapy experts trained to help you properly regain your joint mobility, decrease pain, increase their strength, and improve your functional mobility. Our Littleton and Englewood, CO physical therapists have the training, skills, experience and credentials to get your patients out of pain and back to enjoying the activities you love! Request your appointment today!