Interstitial Cystitis Englewood and Littleton, CO

Interstitial Cystitis

There are many conditions that you might be hesitant to discuss with trained professionals because of their personal nature; however, with proper understanding and treatment, you can recover and lead a more healthy and active life. One such condition is interstitial cystitis, and it affects the bladder.   

What is Interstitial Cystitis?

Interstitial Cystitis is a medical condition that affects the bladder. The cause is unknown; however, it does appear to run in families. There are a number of common signs and symptoms that affect people with this disease. Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • urinary urgency (the feeling of needing to urinate urgently)
  • urinary frequency (having to urinate more often)
  • pain with sexual intercourse 

Because of these symptoms, individuals with this condition are often told that they have a urinary tract infection (UTI); however, a urine culture will return as negative. Often, individuals with this condition will develop complications, such as depression, which lead to an overall lower quality of life. Individuals with Interstitial Cystitis might experience other conditions including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and fibromyalgia, which can further worsen quality of life.

How is Interstitial Cystitis Treated?

Sadly, this condition does not have a cure, but the good news is that physical therapy can help! There are a series of corrective exercises that can be performed with the help of a Littleton or Englewood, CO physical therapist to strengthen the muscles in and around the bladder. With extra muscle strength, this area of the body will be able to support the bladder to a greater degree, relieving stress in this area. This can lead to pain reduction and overall improved quality of life. For this reason, it is critical to work with a trained Littleton or Englewood, CO physical therapist. Rely on Providence Physical Therapy to help return you to a healthy and active lifestyle by requesting an appointment today!