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Gait Training

How physical therapy helps balance and gait disorders

Physical therapy can provide the answers to help you with many different balance and gait disorders. The first necessary step is a comprehensive physical evaluation in which our physical therapist studies your stance, gait, balance, and medical history, as well as any symptoms such as dizziness or discomfort. Once we know the underlying cause of your affliction, we can create a customized physical therapy plan, which may include:

  • Gait retraining exercises – A faulty gait can often be corrected through retraining. The Arthritis Foundation cites a study in which participants with gait problems due to osteoarthritis successfully altered their gait through treadmill exercises.
  • Strengthening exercises – By building up the muscles that govern your gait and balance, we can help you maintain your equilibrium and make yourself less injury-prone.
  • Stretches – Exercises that improve your flexibility and range of motion give you more control and enable quicker reactions to shifts in balance.

If you are ready to stop stumbling and get back to your stable everyday existence, physical therapy can throw you an anchor. Contact Providence Physical Therapy today to speak with a physical therapist!